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Business and General Civil Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses in litigation in all of the State and Federal Courts in Massachusetts. We also represent clients in proceedings before municipal boards and government agencies.

We promise our clients prompt investigation and examination of their legal concerns. We possess a broad legal acumen and enjoy the challenge of evaluating novel questions of law. We also possess practical experience in gathering evidence, assembling a factual record, and examining witnesses in order to navigate through conflicting versions of the truth.

During all phases of the dispute resolution process, we evaluate the potential for settlement and inform our clients of the costs and benefits of litigation versus negotiated resolution.

Our firm has defended and prosecuted a wide range of litigation issues, including: *commercial disputes, *breach of contract, *breach of fiduciary duty, *common law negligence, *will contests, *claims against probate estates, *insurance coverage disputes, *professional liability, *defense of environmental enforcement actions, and *environmental cost recovery.

Whether the case rests on complex issues of law, disputed factual allegations, or mixed questions of fact and law, we advocate zealously for our clients with the skill earned through years of experience.

Examples of our litigation accomplishments within the past several years include the following:

We obtained a judgment in excess of $100,000.00 after bringing suit for claims of unjust enrichment, conversion, and fraudulent misrepresentation on behalf of an out-of-state client who purchased a condominium at a well known New England ski resort. Prior to judgment, we obtained an ex parte order on trustee process attaching bank proceeds accounting for over 80% of the judgment.

We obtained a judgment in excess of $200,000.00 on behalf of a commercial landlord in Boston whose tenant defaulted. Thereafter, we filed a reach and apply action in which we successfully moved for the appointment of a commissioner to sell at public auction the defendant’s 33.3% stock interest in a well known local restaurant.

We represented a client who served as the sole companion and caretaker for an elderly woman who died intestate, with no known heirs. The decedent had promised the entirety of her estate to our client but never prepared a will. After referring the estate for public administration, we commenced a suit against the estate sounding in quantum meruit. Thereafter, an alleged “long lost cousin” of the decedent surfaced and held herself out as the rightful heir of the entirety of the estate. Following discovery and mediation, we negotiated a favorable settlement.

We represented a landowner seeking to recoup his environmental response costs pursuant to c. 21E by bringing claims against the former owners, who operated a home heating oil business at the site for several decades, and an environmental consulting firm that investigated the site prior to our client’s purchase. Discovery issues included the likely source of the release and insurance policy archeology for coverage available to satisfy a judgment against the former owners, who were defended under a reservation of rights. We reached a global settlement shortly before trial.




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